I have worn many different hats in my career.

Start-up Hat:

I am the head marketer for an inventor. This guy rocks! He launched 2 successful KickStarter campaigns. Combined his campaigns made around $400,000.

Now I use Facebook ads to really ramp up sales for my inventor boss on his Shopify stores. He is constantly innovating and designing new products so I have launched thousands of ad campaigns for him.

One Size Does Not Fit All:

Each product he makes is different, so in order to sell these products, I have had to develop many different advertising strategies.

As a result, I have become pretty good at matching a strategy to a particular product. I have a basic formula I use to help determine the strategy for a product. I will share that with you in my course, if your interested.

Working For Agencies:

I also do consulting on the side, I have worked with ad agencies in Chicago on big corporate accounts, helping them to fix their Facebook ads.

After just a few days of working for one agency, without increasing the budget, I was able to increase the amount of leads they were getting for their client by 10 fold. Then I did that again for a different client!

Soon they were asking me to work for them all the time. It got to be a little much, so I just taught them how advertise and after a 3 hour session they no longer needed me. Yes, I worked myself out of a job, but I don’t need these jobs. I would rather just train people.

I also work with a Real Estate advertising agency that sells Luxury Condos all over the world using Facebook. We drive people to landing pages to turn them into leads, and then use a very high touch follow up sequence to sell $400,000 condos. If you thought Facebook was just for selling products…your wrong! You can sell extremely expensive items on Facebook, you just have to know what strategy to use.

I Own A Piece Of A Local Furniture Company:

I had a friend that was using Google Adwords to drive the majority of his reclaimed wood business, Chicago Fabrications.

I was able to help him optimize his Google Adwords and then add Facebook retargeting to his strategy to really drive in success.

My Start In Advertising Working For The University of Chicago:

I used to sell $10,000 B2B Executive Education course for the University of Chicago. These courses were awesome, but they were somewhat hard to sell. The sales cycle was so long and there were so many people involved in the decision process. This was my first dose of digital advertising and I learned so much from it.

Mainly I learned what doesn’t work, but from learning over and over again what doesn’t work, you eventually get lucky and find some stuff that does work. You also prevent yourself from making similar mistakes in the future. Best of all, I was given a huge budget to play around with. When my ads were unsuccessful, it cost the University but now me. Not so good for them, but great for me.

Here’s a secret most people don’t know, Direct Mail still works! It works especially well if combined with Adwords and Facebook ads!