Hey there! Welcome to the very start of the FB Video CoursePlease read every word on this page…it will help you, even if you never end up taking the rest of the course.

My name is Andy, I am a Facebook advertiser that struck gold with video ads.

I was working in the world of Adwords, Linkedin Advertising, and the RTB market at my previous job selling $10,000 Executive Education courses for the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

I loved the atmosphere at University of Chicago, I was able to take over $25,000 worth of business courses for free!

But, at the end of the day, you don’t get paid much working in Higher Ed unless you’re a professor, and I didn’t want to get a PhD.

So I began freelancing, taking any job I could get.

At one point, I was working my full time job and then 5 freelance digital advertising jobs at local startups in Chicago. I was only getting paid for one of the Freelance jobs.

I didn’t believe in my abilities enough to charge, but at the same time I knew I could make a huge difference somewhere if I kept trying.

Then I began freelancing for a company that was funded through a large Kickstarter campaign.

They were struggling with their FB ads so I said I would give it a try.

I made a 1% Lookalike Audience of past customers for targeting.

For creative, I had read so much about FB videos being effective. I tried out the Video Views objective, this was the only way to show videos at the time.

My client had a video that they were using on their site at the time, so I uploaded that to Facebook, wrote some copy, and launched the ads. The budget was set to $20 a day.

I went to sleep that night not thinking much of the ads.

I went to work the next day and didn’t get a chance to check on them until around 7 the next night.

When I looked in Google Analytics I was surprised to see that I already had $200 in tracked revenue. That’s a 10x return!!!!

We were driving video views for less than 1 penny a view, and we were getting sooooooo many shares, page likes, clicks, and most importantly purchases!

Then I began scaling up the ads, I upped the spend to $100, then $200, then $400, then $1000, then $2000. I was still getting over a 4x immediate return on my ad spend. It was almost like there was no limit to how much money I could make!

When I started adding a video retargeting sequence, things really got crazy! I was able to bring revenue up from $6,751.73 to $25,817.48.

That’s a 318% Increase! Take A Look At This Chart:

fb video ads2

The ads were driving in huge traffic volumes, not just from Facebook. My direct, organic, and paid search revenue all more than tripled.

I checked Google Trends and we were now trending higher than the previous Christmas, SWEET!

fb video ads1

Things were going great!

I couldn’t believe it! It soon became very hard to do any work at my full time job, my mind was constantly racing about Facebook ads, and we didn’t use them at the University, but we should have been.

I decided I was going to leave my job and become a fulltime FB advertiser.

Back to the ad performance:

After over a month and $700,000+ in revenue later, my video ads started to run into a bit of trouble. ROAS was going down, and I realized I had a huge problem!

If ROAS continues to go down I will soon be unprofitable!

I hit the targeting and creative on the head the first time around, so what do I do now? How do I repeat this?

The Lookalike audience at 1% worked great! But 2% didn’t work well at all, so that wasn’t an option.

I had to completely break my ad, piece by piece, to see what exactly was driving the sales. Was it the targeting at 1%? Who is in that? How do I tailor my message to 1%? If anyone knows the answer to that, please email me Andy@fbvideocourse.com.

Was it the video I was playing, well of course. Should we make more, how many more? What should they be about? We don’t have a full time videographer.

How effective is the video retargeting? Could we be making more if we made more videos with special retargeting messages? We could make videos detailing each value proposition of the product and create a time related retargeting sequence that really drives them through a sales funnel.

After months of testing hypothesis after hypothesis I learned a lot about what makes a video ad successful. We were able to make more money then ever!

I started consulting for other companies and making them thousands too!!

I want to give you all the power to make video ads for yourself that triple your business. I specialize in eCommerce advertising, but I have experience advertising SaaS platforms, Luxury Real Estate(weird right?), and B2B businesses as well. I can help you make awesome ads that drive in leads and sales.

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